The Panel Decides: Power Point Testers Review

Looking for a new power point tester? Before you do anything, check out this as our experts have put three of the best testers to the, well, test.

In this Article:
Our experts put power point testers to the test
Clear LEDs for pass and fail are important
Audible alerts could be useful

The Tools


CACAC Power Point Tester
REPELEC Fluke ST240+RCD Socket Tester with Beeper
KLEIN TOOLS – Wattmaster Socket Outlet Tester
Trade Price: $72.10 RRP $64.90 RRP $69.96
This power point tester is suitable for 230V 10A Australian socket outlets, and has an RCD trip tester with push button, live indication of socket outlet, and indicates active polarity compared to neutral/earth.
Thanks to the bright LEDs and included chart, you can quickly and easily verify the wiring of an outlet, while with a single push you can verify the operation of an RCD equipped outlet.

This electrical tester can check for five different wiring errors and includes a robust case to carry it around. It has a flexible plug and cord, and is suitable for 10 amp plugs.


The Panel


Grant Davidson

from Davidson Bros Electrical
Experience: 30 years

Jayden Smeekes

from Bes-elect Electrical
Experience: 3 years

Shannon Smith

from Phased Electrical and Solar
Experience: 15 years





The Verdict


CACAC Power Point Tester

“An old favourite” – Grant

An old favourite

I have had one of these in my tool bag for many years, and it has never failed or let me down. Small and compact and easy to use, although it appears to be made upside down as you use it.

The unit does look old and dated and needs to be remodelled and updated with different LEDs for pass and fail. The plug needs to come out of the other side.


Shining Bright

Quick and easy to use for polarity and earth connection and incorrect wiring, as well as being able to test earth leakage at the six stages.

It had the longest cord of the products tested, and the bright lights made it easy to see. It would make sense for the lead to come out of the top of the tester, to make it a bit more friendly to use.


Lasts the course

Simple, easy to use, I have personally had one of these for more than ten years, so can say it lasts a long time. It’s quite compact in size, and has an adjustable mA selector.

There’s nothing I dislike too much – it does the job it is meant for, although the lights are not as bright as other testers when in full sunlight.

VERDICT: Time for a revamp

RATING: 6/10


VERDICT: A Contender

RATING: 9/10


VERDICT: Reliabe

RATING: 7/10



REPELEC Fluke ST240+RCD Socket Tester with Beeper

“Sounds Right” – Jayden

Colour confusion

This product feels nice in your hand, is very compact and easy to use. An idiot-proof tester with one button to test.

It uses a combination of red and green lights for faults, however, a green LED is displayed with some faults. I would like to see just green for pass and just red for fail. It is difficult to fit into 56 series outlets. Very solid unit, and I really do like the beep feature.


Sounds right

The main thing I liked on this one was the audible alert function which made it easy to use when testing, while I also liked the coloured LED lights.

Having no short lead meant it was not as friendly to use as the other products tested when it came to industrial outlets, however, and when in weatherproof power points, it is not easy to see the LED indicators.


Bright Spot

Bright, colourful lights with an easy-to-use push button switch, although it is hard to use the switch once the tester is plugged in, and it has no current adjustments.

I found the audible tone when turned on annoying, and it was too hard to turn the socket switches on or off when the tester was plugged in.

VERDICT: Idiot-proof!

RATING: 7/10


VERDICT: Short Lead Tracking

RATING: 8/10


VERDICT: Not for me

RATING: 5/10



Klein Tools Wattmaster Socket Outlet Tester

“Stand Out” – Shannon

Top Choice

It’s very nice in the hand, solid construction, an easy-to-use test button and knob, and clear LEDs for pass or fail.

They could improve this unit by having a green pass LED and red/orange for fail. Having a beep feature on a switch would be a nice improvement, but overall this was my favourite unit.


Lead Position

This product was much the same as the Cabac tester but I found the product easier to use as the lead came out of the top of the tester making it more user- friendly.

The trip button was more durable than the other products, and it is easy to read for the five different wiring conditions.


Stand Out

Larger clear lights, stylish robust case and an easy-to-use knob for current adjustment meant this was my top pick out of the three I tested.

You can still operate the socket switches when plugged in.

VERDICT: Best of the bunch



VERDICT: It’s a winner!



VERDICT: My favourite!



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