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    Apprentices – Free Gemcell Diary 2019

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    Share Your Joke And Win

    Heard a good joke? Think it has the power to send shock waves of laughter through readers of Electrical Gems? Write it up in 250 words or less, send it in and if we publish it in Electrical Gems you win $100!

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  • Submit Your Shocker!

    Submit Your Shocker

    Come across some bodgy electrical work on your travels? Or perhaps an accident waiting to happen at a holiday destination? Take a photo and send it to us with a brief explanation. Any identifying details will be suppressed! If we publish your submission in Electrical Gems you win $200!

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  • Submit Your Tips!

    Submit Your Tips

    Have you discovered a great way to get around a problem, save yourself some cash or get the job done in half the time? Are you prepared to share the love with your peers? We’d like to hear your bright ideas and bring them to the world. If we publish your tip in Electrical Gems…

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  • Tell Your Short Circuit!

    Tell Your Short Circuit

    Do you have an amusing experience on the job, witnessed something funny or even had a traumatic experience that you can now look back on and laugh? Write it up in 250 words or less and send it in. If we publish your story in Electrical Gems you win $200!

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    Sudoku Solutions

    If you are looking for the Solutions to our Regular Sudoku Section in Electrical Gems, look no further! Please check here to find your Solutions!

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