PSA Products – Lifesaver Advanced 6800 Smoke Alarms

  • The smoke alarm landscape is evolving, with more smoke alarms being installed than ever before. Recent years have driven smoke alarm production to keep up with demand, while demanding that innovation addresses the environmental needs of varied Australian landscapes.
  • The new PSA Lifesaver models 6800 and 6800RL have been designed with Australian conditions in mind. With a new and improved advanced sensor and intelligent software, the 6800 smoke alarms are less susceptible to false alarms caused by moisture and humidity.
  • The Lifesaver 6800 and 6800RL anti-static detection chamber helps repel dust entering the chamber, and improves the service-life of the alarm, allowing longer times without maintenance.
  • Insects will have a harder time entering the alarm with reduced insect mesh size, without compromising on smoke detection capability.
  • The Lifesaver Advanced Sensor range is the latest innovation in smoke alarms, and provides a solution to Australia’s varied and challenging conditions. Tried and tested in Australia, they are available now from your local Gemcell Member branch.


Released: August 2023

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