The Panel Decides: Tape Measures Tool Review

What is the best tape measure for electricians in Australia? Our panel puts a selection to the test!

In this Article:
Tape measures for electricians put to the test.
Our panel use them and rate them.
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The Tools


CABAC – Blue Monkey 8m (CTM825)
HAMER – 8m (TM32-8)
KLEIN TOOLS – 9m A-86000
RRP Check in-store RRP $37.29 RRP $40.45

This tape measure has a range of handy quick-reference markings, a GPO height guide and even helps convert building wire size dimensions from cross-section to diameter. It also indicates repeat stud centres and standard light switch height, while the double-ended hook ensures easy use.


This tape measure has a comfortable, impact-resistant grip and comes fitted with a belt clip and lanyard. Importantly, the coated blade is 32mm wide, which ensures a 3.1 metre standout, and measurements are printed on both sides.


This 9m tape measure is protected by a thick and durable protective nylon coating, and also features a strong magnetic double hook, easy-to-read bold lines in a metric measurement scale, and a retraction brake.



The Panel

John Blake

from Rohr Electrical

Experience: 6 years

Eden Fairbank

from NSW Health

Experience: 15 years

Nathan Lenord

from Rohr Electrical

Experience: 5 years






The Verdict


CABAC – Blue Monkey 8m (CTM825)

“Simply the best.” – Eden

Useful markings

I loved all the markings – the switch height, GPO height, the standard wire template, etc. It’s very light and small for an 8m tape. The hooks were big and handy, but it was a bit flimsy, and I don’t think the stand-out length was that long in reality.


Simply the best

I loved this tape. It’s easy to grasp, compact and lightweight. The powerpoint templates, height references and stud finder points are an absolute game-changer. A perfect tape measure for every tradie!!


Feels flimsy

I liked the colour and design, and also that it had templates for GPO cutouts and multiple markings for powerpoint heights, switch heights, battens, trusses, etc.
It wasn’t my top pick because it was too flimsy and didn’t feel high quality.

VERDICT: Good features

RATING: 6.5/10


VERDICT: Brilliant



VERDICT: Pretty good

RATING: 8/10



HAMER – 8m (TM32-8)

“Well-built.” – Nathan

Not for me

It seems well made, and has a solid feel to it. But once I realised the measurements were in centimetres and inches, I deemed it useless as my brain only operates in millimetres! It’s a good junk drawer tape measure.


Functional Option

This is a very basic, no-frills tape that does the job. I was impressed with the double-sided numbers, durability and 3m span before bending. It’s missing a lower brake and the lock button isn’t as smooth. Basic and functional but has no extra sparky features.



The measurements are all in inches and centimetres, which was annoying to convert all the time. But it’s well-built, strong, and easy to read. It was a good size and wasn’t too big overall. The measurements ruined it!

VERDICT: Not for me

RATING: 2/10


VERDICT: No frills choice

RATING: 5/10


VERDICT: Doesn’t measure up!

RATING: 4/10



KLEIN TOOLS – 9m A-86000

“Best of the bunch.” – John

Best of the bunch

I loved that it could stand out to 4m, and the magnetic tip was handy, especially when wiring sheds. It’s a solid product and definitely the best made out of the three. A solid product and good value for money.


Heavyweight option

This tape was slightly too large for my liking, and a heavy weight on a tool belt. The magnetic hook is phenomenal and the underneath pause tape button was a godsend. I would like the tape to be more compact and add a hand strap.


Stand out

It’s very well-built, definitely a tough tape measure with measurements on both sides of the tape. It also has a 4m standout with a magnetic tip, which was very useful. Although it is quite big and bulky, it was very well-built and strong – and my top pick!

VERDICT: Solid choice



VERDICT: A contender

RATING: 8/10


VERDICT: The best option



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Sparky Dan October 20, 2023
Would say that Klein one is the winner - found it bulletproof & also is handy having the extra meter!

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