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The Panel Decides: Multimeters Tool Review

Before you splash out on a new multimeter, let our panel of expert tradies test them out and give you the pros and cons of each one!

In this Article:
Multimeters for electricians, put to the test
Our panel use them and rate them
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The Tools



TRMS Auto-Ranging Slim Digital Multimeter, 600V, Temp Multimeter (MM450)
5 in 1 Auto Range Digital Multimeter (T8229)
Professional Digital Multimeter (WATEL-911)
RRP  $133.33 RRP  $180.00 RRP  $79.86

This auto-ranging slim multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current and resistance. It can also measure temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, and test diodes and continuity.

It features a large, high-visibility, reverse contrast display that automatically optimises viewing in dark or bright ambient light. The size of a phone, this multimeter fits into most pockets and features high-quality leads with sockets on the side identified by indicator light.


This multimeter includes all standard capabilities, plus lux, humidity, instant temp/thermocouple temp, and decibels.

Features include audible and visual socket correct lead input indication, data hold and relative measurement, and temperature measurement with Type-K thermocouple.


A compact digital multimeter with double moulded housing and over-sized high-contrast 2000 count LCD display.

It measures voltage, current, resistance, continuity and temperature. It comes complete in a carry case with test leads, battery and a Type-K temperature probe.






The Panel

Blake Hoile

from Hoile Electrical

Experience: 13 years

Dave Bristow

from Bristow Squared Electrical

Experience: 25 years

Gary Kidd

from Guardian Electrical

Experience: 40 years






The Verdict

KLEIN TOOLS – TRMS Auto-Ranging Slim Digital Multimeter, 600V, Temp Multimeter 

“This product instantly felt quality…” – Dave

Clear choice

The clear screen stands out the most, and it also shows the battery life. It’s a good-sized meter and has a case that can mount to your belt. I don’t really like how the leads plug into the side though, as it makes it bulky, but at this RRP, it’s great value for money.


Quality product

This product instantly felt quality – good design with side ridges to improve grip, and great visibility on a large screen. The light-up plug entries were a bonus, but I do think that for this price, a magnetic holder should be included.


Making a case

The display screen was nice and big and easy to read, and the meter was very easy to use. Nice and slim, and comes with a case to keep extra leads in. The LED alert on the side for the leads was also a good feature, but it doesn’t have a backstand. If it did, it might have been my top pick.

VERDICT: It’s a winner



VERDICT: My choice



VERDICT: Close, but no cigar!

RATING: 8/10



CABAC – 5 in 1 Auto Range Digital Multimeter 

“It’s the most expensive, but has the extra features!” – Gary

Expensive and bulky

As a tester, it has every option you could ask for. I like the clips for the probes to sit into,  however, the screen display isn’t great. I just didn’t find it to be a practical meter to use on-site as it’s too big and bulky, and not worth the price.


A sound choice

I liked the addition of the lux testing and the light-up plug entries. However, the kickstand definitely needs improving, and I would have liked a bigger screen for a unit this large. It’s a decent tester overall, but the size lost it for me and I also think it’s too expensive.


You get what you pay for!

I liked the chunky feel and the extra features like the lux, sound, and humidity settings and it was the only one with a pull-out stand. The incorrect lead warning audio and visual feature was very good.

A magnetic strap would have been a good addition. It’s the most expensive, but has the extra features.


RATING: 7/10


VERDICT: Decent overall

RATING: 7/10


VERDICT: Top of the pops




WATTMASTER – Professional Digital Multimeter

“It’s a nice, small meter at a very good price.” – Blake

For the apprentice

It’s a nice, small meter at a very good price –  great for an apprentice.

It would have been good if you could combine the AC and DC voltage, so you only need to select the volts.


Back up at best

This had a large clear screen for visibility and good soft rubber for grip. It was the smallest of the three tested and it did feel like a toy. This is more suited to a home handyman than a tradesperson. Perhaps it would be good as a backup unit.


DIYer’s choice

An easy-to-use, compact meter. Good display, with a case to keep the meter and leads in. It was the easiest to keep in a tool bag, as it took up less room.

This was the cheapest meter, and it felt it.

It would be a good DIY-er’s meter.

VERDICT: Good value

RATING: 8/10


VERDICT: Not for me

RATING: 5/10


VERDICT: One for home

RATING: 6/10


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