Trader - Besmokeyv2 Smoke Alarm

Trader – Besmokeyv2 Smoke Alarm

Extra safe Smoke Alarm protection

Trader’s new generation Bear BESMOKEYV2 mains-wired smoke alarm, supplied with a 9V battery back-up, offers safe and reliable protection for the Australian residential market.

The Bear BESMOKEYV2 Smoke Alarm delivers the latest photoelectric sensing technology in a sleek and stylish design with a 9V battery back-up. A cleaner profile in vivid white makes it look great on any ceiling. The BESMOKEYV2 is also very installer friendly. The hinged design allows simple installation while four terminals accommodates all cables, eliminating the need for insulated connectors. Should multiple interconnected alarms be required, BESMOKEYV2 allows a maximum of 24 hard-wired units to be interconnected.

We’ve even thought of insects and designed a screen to keep them out of the sensing chamber to minimise nuisance alarms. Backed by a 10 year warranty, BESMOKEYV2 is a better smoke alarm in every way.

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Released: November 2023

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