PSA Lifesaver 6800 Range

Upgraded Lifesaver 6800 models feature state-of-the-art detection technology and design improvements for optimal performance and increased resilience to false alarms.

As part of their commitment to provide first class fire prevention and security products, PSA proudly announce the arrival of two new smoke alarms in the popular Lifesaver 6000 Series.

  • Lifesaver 6800 – mains powered with 9V DC battery backup
  • Lifesaver 6800RL – mains powered with rechargeable 10-year lithium battery back-up

In addition to using the latest photoelectric sensing technology, the Lifesaver 6800 and 6800RL feature a new advanced sensor to provide improved performance and a reduction in false alarms.

“We’ve listened when our partners reported industry-wide issues with false alarming. We share their frustrations and have developed innovative new products that directly address these concerns.”  – Marcus Ooi, General Manager

It’s recommended that smoke alarm units be cleaned at least once a year. However, the need for cleaning maintenance is not well understood by the general public and can be neglected for a variety of reasons. This can contribute to false alarms. To combat this problem, the new Lifesaver 6800 and 6800RL offer better resilience against false alarm triggers including dust and bug contamination, thereby reducing the need for regular cleaning.

Developed and rigorously tested for Australian conditions, the 6800 and 6800RL smoke alarms take all the best features of the 6000 Series and add advanced intelligence and resilience to make a great product even better.

Key Features

  • Advanced sensor and intelligence reduce instances of false alarming
  • Anti-static sensor repels dust particles
  • Finer mesh anti-bug screen over the sensor chamber minimises bug contamination
  • Enhanced design for improved airflow
  • Easy installation and maintenance with QUICK SLIDE base
  • Can be interconnected with up to 24 units
  • Wireless interlinking capabilities when used with 6000WB
  • Compatible with other PSA products for complete fire prevention and safety solutions

PSA has built a reputation for exceptional customer service and this continues with the launch of 6800 and 6800RL. Their technical support and customer service teams are available nationally and are available to offer local support when you need it.

Released: September 2023



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