Online courses for electricians

Online courses for electricians

Online learning is rapidly becoming a vital training tool for electrical contracting businesses.

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Industry bodies have followed traditional educational institutions like TAFE, to offer courses online
Contractors can use online learning not only to upskill but also to learn about running a business
Online learning helps overcome geographical hurdles
Master Electricians Australia is offering an online Masters Program specifically designed for electricians


Before the internet, learning primarily took place in-person, with the exception of a correspondence course here or there. Thanks to new digital technology, opportunities to learn online have increased significantly.


While there are significant benefits to learning in-person including focus and scheduled times to learn, and some skills can only be taught in-person; online learning enables self-paced learning at times suitable to the individual and can break down geographical barriers.


Educational institutions including universities and TAFE, have been at the forefront of that online learning explosion.


Professional associations and industry bodies including Master Electricians have introduced various online learning programs to help arm electrical contractors with the knowledge and skills to succeed.


“MEA online learning has evolved over the years as we try to balance access to services and training resources,” explains Jason O’Dwyer, General Manager Advocacy, Master Electricians Australia.


“Our blended delivery of the Master Program is our best example of our online learning. We have gathered very experienced partners and presenters from around the country to provide expertise on many topics to the learning participants. Face to face contact with these experts would not be feasible or cost effective for members, therefore we have worked with these partners to deliver learning content, tools and resources that program participants can implement in their own business.”


Why should electricians use online learning?

Online training can be a valuable part of a contracting business. While it can help employees learn new skills, it can also help contractors learn how to run their businesses more efficiently.


Like all learning programs, participants need to disciplined and complete their learning activities within required timeframes. If you don’t have to turn up somewhere at a specific time, there’s often a temptation to put it off until tomorrow.


“A major benefit of MEA’s Master Program is that it can be undertaken by participants in their own time,” says O’Dwyer. In some cases the downside is that participants can get busy, may struggle to remain motivated. That’s why we pair them with our facilitators to ensure there is that human touch to give an encouraging word, provide motivation and answer questions as they arise.”


MEA’s online learning opportunities have helped members overcome geographical hurdles, with regional participants participating in city-based courses and west-coast based members participating in the same courses as east-coast based members.


How can online learning can help you grow your electrical contracting business?

When you started your own contracting business, you most likely had a goal of better work-life balance, being your own boss, and making money.


But a good sparkie is not always equipped with the business skills to set-up and run a profitable business. Sadly, up to one in three small businesses fail within five years.


Master Electricians conducted research to understand the key reasons why many electrical contracting businesses fail. The insights showed three core reasons why:

  • A lack of core business skills; including not understanding financials, marketing, and business planning.
  • Inefficient systems, procedures, and documentation.
  • A lack of trusted advisors in the key areas of legal, financial, employment relations and mentors with electrical business experience.


From this research, Master Electricians Australia developed the MEA Master Program – an elearning program with a dedicated platform to teach sparkies to be just as good in the office as they are on the tools.


With so many pitfalls facing new electrical contracting businesses, it can be hard to find time to get off the tools and drive your business to the next level. That’s where an industry-specific program delivered online with a flexible learning environment can be extremely beneficial. Contractors receive access to business tools, processes, procedures, and systems to help them streamline their business processes.


“Education is a life-long journey – especially in the electrotechnology industry as renewables, logic controls, automation, and consumer demand for higher quality and time saving products increase,” says O’Dwyer.


“Education is essential for the industry to stay abreast of the latest technology and product offerings. MEA constantly tells apprentices that getting your trade licence is really a licence to learn in this industry. It’s your professional obligation to remain current and ensure you have the skills to service industry and consumers alike.”


This program has been designed specifically for electrical contractors. With online learning and dedicated mentors, participants have access to fundamental business skills to run a safe, profitable, and sustainable contracting business. Find out more.

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