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Business toolbox: marketing tips for electrical contractor businesses

Marketing is essential to keep those customers coming in. Here, our experts answer questions posed by electrical contractors, just like you.


Our Marketing expert:

Annette Welsford, Owner at Commonsense Marketing

Q: What are the best tactics to attract new commercial clients?

Annette Welsford, CEO, of Commonsense Marketing, says:

Securing commercial clients requires a different approach to generating leads and business from the residential sector. Often, the decision-makers will have more knowledge of what is required and what they need than homeowners will.

Make sure you’re prepared for everything the commercial decision-makers will check on and ask. We suggest updating your website with one or more commercially oriented pages and ensuring your LinkedIn profile is linked to your company page, which features commercially focused info resources. You may even consider creating a commercial brochure. All your communications will need to be well presented and consistent to ensure you give the right impression and engender confidence and trust.
You need to be able to demonstrate authority with relevant certifications, and proof with one or more commercial case studies and testimonials.

To demonstrate your expertise, publish blog posts and post regularly on LinkedIn on relevant topics such as regulatory changes, products, safety, and issues that affect different types of commercial properties.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to get found by the right people. Appropriate strategies include running Google ads targeted towards commercial building owners, facilities managers, and commercial property agents. Increase brand awareness by retargeting them with display ads once they’ve visited any of your website’s commercial pages.

We also recommend developing connections with these same target people on LinkedIn, which is best done using Sales Navigator, and starting non-salesy conversations to build the relationship. Being helpful, not boastful, will ensure you’re remembered.

Our Marketing expert:

Tracey Munn, Founder, Munn Digital

Q: We’ve decided to invest in paid digital advertising. How should we allocate our budget and measure outcomes?

Tracey Munn, Founder, Munn Digital, says:

First, you must ensure your website’s Google Analytics (GA4) has been set up correctly and you are tracking conversion data. Investing in any marketing is pointless unless you are correctly measuring data.

Next, how are you tracking conversions? Tracking call conversions, and not just form leads, is paramount to measuring the success of digital marketing for a trade service. Allocate a portion of your budget to signing up with a call tracking platform that provides insights such as channel and keyword performance.

When looking at overall budget allocation, start with 30% on SEO and 70% on Google Ads for the first three months. You will be able to gather data immediately, but three months will provide a solid overview and also give SEO long enough to make a measurable impact on results.

After month three, analyse the results. In my experience, after three months, SEO begins to have a significant impact. Ensure you are utilising all features of your Google Business Listing as the local pack will be where most of your organic leads are generated from.

Depending on the outcome of the results, your budget will change. You may decide to increase Google Ads to 80%, or reduce and invest more into SEO.

My top tips are that any trade service investing in marketing ensures that they understand analytics and get the messaging right for their local market. If you don’t have the skill to market your own business, sign up with a skilled marketing service that understands your local market and is a whiz at analytics and conversion rate optimisation.


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