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Meet A Local Customer – Middy’s Bairnsdale

We love supporting local businesses! Each issue, we have a yarn with a customer from one of our wholesale members.

Meet Aaron Adam from Nu Age Electrical – he’s an electrical contractor, and customer of Middy’s Bairnsdale, VIC.


In this Article:
Aaron is a customer of Middy’s in Bairnsdale
He reveals all about his life as an electrical contractor
One day at work changed the course of his life…
But he can never listen to Bonnie Tyler again




What do you like most about visiting Middy’s in Bairnsdale?

The level of service is second to none. The team go above and beyond to help and are not just people working at a wholesaler, but quickly become your mates.

Has there been a standout moment the Middy’s Bairnsdale team has helped you out?

No single time stands out as the team is always more than happy to help with sourcing products, delivering to the site and doing whatever they can to help.

"One thing that stands out for not just me, but all sparkies, is the huge give back through the scholarships and business awards, which are a great opportunity for people in the industry to grow their skills and extend their knowledge."

What’s the most difficult job you’ve ever had?

Those jobs in the roof where access to where the work needs to be done is near impossible.

What has been your most memorable day at work?

The day I went to do a cashie for a friend of a friend and ended up meeting my amazing partner, who I now have a family with!

Who’s the worst colleague you’ve had?

Surprisingly, it’s either out of a couple of ’A-grades’ who had no care or passion for the electrical industry, and take no pride in the presentation of their work, or it’s the apprentice that told me they weren’t very good at sweeping, so is there something else to do…

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened on a job?

Back in the day, when the boss threw a very big pair of Stillsons at a worker, only to miss and hit the side of his own car, leaving quite the dent.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever encountered on the job?

I once went to fix an oven in a unit. I took my shoes off to enter and instantly, my socks became saturated as the lounge room carpet was completely soaked. As I worked on the oven, the lady who lived in the unit began playing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler so loud that I had to yell to the apprentice to communicate.

"The lady then proceeded to play it again at the same volume – it was on repeat – and then walked into the kitchen, looked at us and started singing along."

We quickly finished up and left the job, not sure how to react to the situation!

What’s the biggest f%&$ up that someone else made that you’ve had to make right?

Correctly commissioning the brake systems of a hoist system that hadn’t been maintained for 20 years.

What’s the best nickname you’ve ever heard a co-worker have?

Flash. Needless to say, he wasn’t very quick.


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