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Rubber handles proved popular
Bright colours for the win!

The Tools


KLEIN TOOLS Adjustable Spanner (A-D507-10) 
REPELEC – Bahco from Repelec, Adjustable Wrench 200mm  (BAH9031)
REPELEC– Hamer from Repelec Adjustable Wrench
RRP $87.51 RRP $81.67 RRP $67.65

The Klein Tools adjustable spanner is designed with a smaller size but the ability to handle heavy-duty jobs. This spanner is manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel for strength and has a highly polished chrome finish. It also features a lightweight design with an extra-capacity jaw and both metric and imperial markings.


The 9031 Bahco ERGO™ adjustable wrench boasts the best features in class. The wrench follows the strict Bahco ERGO™ process, designed to give maximum comfort with minimum effort. The extra wide jaw opening, with a shorter handle, offers accessibility to work in confined spaces. Up to 60% thinner jaws and a 40% wider opening makes access even easier. The thermoplastic elastomer handle, while comfortable, also reduces the risk of work-related repetitive injuries.


The Hamer adjustable shifting spanner has everything you need and won’t let you down. Forged from the highest-quality steel, the rail and knurl fit perfectly and guide the jaws to a precise fit around the nut. The handle fits ergonomically into the palm of the hand, and the tool is rust-resistant with a bright chrome finish.



The Panel

Alex Tofler

from Tofler and Co Electrical

Experience: 15 years

Daniel Hamilton

from Divine FM

Experience: 10 years

Jake Morrison

from JFM Security & Electrical

Experience: 12 years






The Verdict


KLEIN TOOLS Adjustable Spanner (A-D507-10) 

“Sturdy and Robust!” – Alex

Sturdy and robust

This is the first sheathed shifter I have seen on the market. It is very sturdy and robust while also being quite comfortable to use. The measurements on the jaws come in handy, too. This was my top pick because it is simple, works well, and the sheath is a nice addition


Points for ingenuity

I found the insulated grip to be a positive feature and one that’s not very common, and the size markings are also a useful feature.

Overall, the length of the grip/handle is good.

This product was a close second, but slimline jaws would have made it number one.


Hard to Fault

The rubber handle is the best feature – it’s great for working in switchboards. The jaw adjustment is very smooth, even at maximum width. This one is a little on the heavier side and could be improved if it was more lightweight.

VERDICT: Works Well




RATING: 7/10


VERDICT: Top Pick!




REPELEC – Bahco from Repelec, Adjustable Wrench 200mm  (BAH9031)

“My Favourite!” – Daniel

Difficult on anything overtightened

The features that stood out to me about this shifter were the slim jaw design and its ability to extend quite wide. However, it was difficult to use on anything that was overtightened, as it doesn’t have enough arm to give you the required leverage. The jaws on this shifter are too weak and loose and actually round off nuts and bolts.


Quality product

The slimline jaws are always a great feature. They are also slightly longer, making it feel like a comfortable fit on the nut/bolt. Adjustment action is smooth and accurate, and it has a comfortable handle shape with a non-slip grip.


Great in a tight spot

Small and nimble, which is great for getting into small and tight spots. It has a great jaw adjustment and the rubber feels very comfortable. Overall, it is extremely smooth. When tightening bigger bolts to tighter specs, however, this could be improved by being slightly longer.

VERDICT: I’ll Pass

RATING: 7/10


VERDICT: My Favourite!



VERDICT: A definite contender

RATING: 8/10



REPELEC- Hamer from Repelec Adjustable Wrench

“Not as good as the others” – Jake

Too basic

This is a very basic shifter, and is very similar to others on the market – it doesn’t stand out to me at all. On the plus side, this one makes for a great hammer, and is effective at obtaining the attention of my apprentice!


Loose Feel

Handle length is good for more leverage, and can adjust up to a decent size.

Jaws and adjustment mechanism feel slightly loose, which could be an issue when under a big load. This product feels lower quality compared to other options.


Classic shifting spanner

This feels like a good quality shifting spanner. One of the best features is its quick and efficient jaw adjustment.

It could be smoother in its adjustment; it tends to grab at max width and when pressure is applied to the jaw. It just feels like a classic adjustable spanner – others had slightly better features.

VERDICT: Not for me

RATING: 7/10


VERDICT: Lower Quality Option

RATING: 5/10


VERDICT: Not as good as the others

RATING: 7/10


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