The Panel Decides: Hammers Tool Review

The Panel Decides: Hammers Tool Review

In the market for a new hammer? Don’t make a move until you’ve read our tradies’ reviews!

In this Article:
Our expert panel put hammers to the test
Hammer weight was a sticking point for some
Bright colours for the win!

The Tools


REPELEC – CH-20 Claw Hammer, 20 OZ with fibreglass handle
WATTMASTER – Hi-Vis Claw Hammer
KLEIN TOOLS – Electrician’s Straight-Claw Hammer
RRP $42.90 RRP $66.57 RRP $57.70

The Hamer 20oz drop-forged claw hammer has a weighted, carbon steel head, while the anti-vibration features are incorporated through the fibreglass shaft, making striking hard surfaces less tiring. The head-securing wedge is epoxy sealed, so there’s less chance of separation, while the moulded, rubberised, anti-slip grip allows for a more comfortable feel during prolonged use.

THE LOWDOWN:This hammer has a bright fibreglass handle for high visibility and a durable, non–slip rubber grip. It has a carbon steel, hardened medium head that is specially forged and polished, while the claws have a good tensile strength.

Made of high-strength fibreglass for optimal shock absorption, this hammer features a 510 g forged steel head with smooth head for reduced marring. The durable handle has a non-slip grip for comfort and a hang hole for tethering ability or hanging storage, while the straight claw was engineered specifically for removing NM (Romex®) staples.



The Panel

Matthew Cwikla

from Heatherton Electrical

Experience: 20 years

Jim Tziouvelis

from Ivolt Electrical

Experience: 5 years

Bruce Godwin

from Surelink Electrical

Experience: 40 years






The Verdict


REPELEC – CH-20 Claw Hammer, 20 OZ with fibreglass handle

“A great hammer!” – Bruce

Everyday choice

This is a good, everyday tradie hammer. It’s got a good feel to it – nice balance and it’s a good weight. It’s a bright colour, too, which is great – makes it easy to spot. Nothing to fault this one on.


Pros and cons

On the positive side, it’s got a nice feel to it, it’s solid, and it’s bright too, which makes it easy to locate in a busy van. On the negative side, the balance is not great.


A great hammer!

This hammer is nice and bright, has a great handle, and is easy to grip. I found the balance and weight to be good, so no complaints on that score. It’s just a great everyday hammer.

VERDICT: Can’t fault it



VERDICT: Solid and bright

RATING: 6/10


VERDICT: It’s a winner




WATTMASTER – Hi-Vis Claw Hammer

“Perfect for electrical use!” – Jim

Handyman’s hammer

It feels a bit light duty in comparison to the others, and maybe is more of a handyman hammer than one for tradies. It’s got a very original style with a regular grip, and is very easy to use.


Perfect for electrical use!

This was the pick of the bunch for me. It has a very familiar style and the weight feels right, too. This one really suits electrical use – it’s long, and has an easy hold grip. No complaints at all!



Everything was ok with this hammer, but I do feel it’s more suitable for domestic use than professional. It seems too lightweight for a contractor to use regularly, and has poor balance. Not for me, I’m afraid.

VERDICT: Not for me

RATING: 5/10


VERDICT: My pick



VERDICT: Hard pass

RATING: 4/10



KLEIN TOOLS – Electrician’s Straight-Claw Hammer

“This hammer has a nice handle, a good grip and is a bright colour, making it easy to find.” – Bruce

No thanks

This one is a different style and weight compared to what I’d usually use. It’s far too heavy and the claw is not user-friendly at all. However, it is large and bright, and easy to locate.


Difficult to use

This hammer has a solid feel, and has an easy grip handle. That’s the good news. It’s got an unusual claw, and is difficult to use. And it’s way too heavy.


Weight is an issue

This hammer has a nice handle, a good grip and is a bright colour, making it easy to find. However, this one is far too heavy for an electrician’s needs, making it impractical.

VERDICT: Too heavy

RATING: 4/10


VERDICT: Last choice

RATING: 4/10


VERDICT: Not for electricians

RATING: 3/10


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