Ventair – AIRBUS EC

The Airbus EC from Ventair is designed to provide 24/7 continuous ventilation. Available in two sizes (The Airbus EC 200 – 240mm cutout and the Airbus EC 500 – 300mm cutout) for rapid odour/steam control.

The three-speed energy efficient EC motor provides Boost, Run and 24/7 Continuous (Trickle) settings and operated using the wireless wall controller supplied and perfect for continuous mould and condensation control, whilst also ensuring low operating costs.

The constant low trickle extraction ensures the air in your home remains fresh and dry, whilst stale moist air is eliminated. The 24/7 Continuous (Trickle) function costs on average $12 per annum based on 42 cents per kWH, making it one of (if not) the most energy efficient Header box fans on the market.

• 3 Speed exhaust fan Boost, Run, Continuous (Trickle)
• Boost Function (10 mins) for rapid steam removal
• Also available with LED: Airbus EC 200 – 10w light | Tri Colour (WW/NW/CW) and Airbus EC 500 -14w light | Tri Colour (WW/NW/CW).

Released: September 2023

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