HPM zyla plus flicker free

HPM – Zyla Plus Flicker Free LED Downlight

  • Discover lighting solutions that assist with reducing visual eye discomfort, with HPM’s Zyla Plus Flicker Free LED downlights.
  • Light flickering occurs with rapid changes in the brightness of lighting and can be present both visibly and invisibly. and with exposure may cause health effects.
  • In NSW and QLD, lights may visibly flicker, due to the use of ripple control injection, which affects LED lights used with dimmers.
  • Part of HPM’s expanding downlight range, Zyla Plus, utilises flicker free technology to provide indoor spaces with smooth and comfortable light, no matter the dimming level.
  • Enjoy simple temperature integration technology, with tri-colour selector, for a switch between warm, cool and natural light during installation.
  • Available in two finishes – Flush or Recessed – for a sleek and minimalistic style, no matter the space.


Released: March 2023

Learn more at: https://hpm.com.au/lighting/indoor/led-downlights/



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