Haneco – Dular Downlight

DULAR offers an all-in-one solution. Complete with a built-in dimmable and flicker-free driver, DULAR also has a recessed design that offers low glare output that enhances visual comfort.


  • Tritone colour changeable
  • Dimmable, Flicker-free Driver
  • IC-4 rating (ta 25°C)
  • IP44 rating (from below)
  • Deep recessed design
  • Integrated driver with cable and plug
  • Microprismatic diffuser
  • Low Unified Glare Rating (UGR)
  • CRI >90°



  • Provides the choice of light hues from a single luminaire
  • Adjustable brightness to improve comfort
  • Allows for covered and abutted installations
  • Suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms & laundries
  • Greatly reduces glare while enhancing visual comfort
  • Provides quick & easy installation
  • Perfectly designed to reduce glare as much as possible
  • Excellent lighting option for indoor workplaces
  • True Colour Rendering of object

Released: January 2024

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