Clipsal Wiser 240V Smoke Alarm

Clipsal – Wiser 240V Smoke Alarm

Clipsal is excited to continue growing the Wiser Smart Home range by introducing the new Clipsal Wiser 240V smoke alarm.

This stylish and robust photoelectric smoke alarm, combined with smart home automations (using the Wiser by SE app) can provide you with an added layer of peace of mind and increased sense of control.

It is equipped with the latest innovative technology, which allows it to be effectively integrated into a smart home ecosystem or be used as a standalone smoke alarm.

The smoke alarm has a new dual spectrum photoelectric detection system, which helps it to reliably detect smoke and mitigate false alarms.

In the instance of smoke being detected, the smoke alarm can trigger Wiser automation functions, such as turning all household lights on and sending push notifications alerts to your mobile phone, to ensure you are aware of your surroundings.

On top of this, the integrated temperature sensor will trigger an alarm if temperature increases to greater than 57 degrees Celsius (e.g. a low smoke fire, or if in hush mode) for added peace of mind.

Provides you with the confidence and assurance that your family and property are safe. The additional warning and smart functions that come with the smoke alarm can allow you and your family to escape dangerous situations and protect your property.

The Wiser 240V smoke alarm was also designed for convenience and ease of use. As part of the Wiser series, the Wiser 240V smoke alarm can be connected to the Wiser hub to be integrated into a smart home ecosystem. It can also be used as a standalone smoke alarm, compatible with Clipsal Fire Tek smoke alarms, which can be interconnected to give complete home protection.

It is easy to install with simple to use Test/Hush buttons.

To ensure that your property is secure, the smoke alarm has a monthly test reminder feature, an alarm history log and a sealed in 10-year lithium battery backup.


RRP: $219.00

Released: April 2023

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