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Committing to regular digital marketing can seem daunting, however, it’s an important component of your business, and is essential to keep front of mind for current customers, and attract new ones, too.

The good news is that digital marketing doesn’t have to be a hugely time-consuming process. With a bit of careful planning you can simplify your online activity and keep it happening, week in week.

Of course, a key part of that planning is, well, having a plan. So we’ve created a simple template to help you organise your digital marketing.

First up, there’s an overview page. This will help you get laser-focused on the channels you’re going to use (e.g, website, newsletter, social media) as well as the activity needed – for example, number of posts.

Here, it’s good to jot down some goals, too – after all, there’s little point in marketing if you’re not measuring.

On the second page, we’ve got a simple four-week template for you to plan your month’s marketing activity. From how often you’re posting to what your posting, it’s good to get this planned out a couple of weeks in advance each month, so you know what’s happening, and who’s taking care of it.

Top tip: There are a number of platforms (including Mailchimp, Hootsuite and Later) that you can use to schedule social media posts in advance, so consider using one of those!

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