GSM Electrical – Home of the ‘Trader’ Brand has over 100 Years of Gerard Electrical Tradition and we are excited to support your business as partners with our comprehensive range of electrical accessories..

Our Vision ‘To be the Australian owned provider of choice for a true, quality alternative of Electrical Accessories to the Trade in Australia’ with Passion, Flexibility & Partnership

Our DNA will always be to look after our customers in everything we do as a ‘Trade Only’ B2B supplier which does not sell to retail.

Owned and Operated in South Australia, we serve and support every state of Australia with staff all over the Country for our wholesaler and contractor partners.
Powermesh is our most recent product innovation unlocking the world of simple home automation and voice control for the new build and retrofit market – Visit
Beyond our technology products we have six ranges of Switches & Sockets, Dimmers, First Fix Accessories, Weatherproof, Industrial, Smoke Alarms, Sensors, Lighting, Air Movement and more coming soon.

We have passionate, skilled and ‘customer first’ service delivered by our people at Trader to look after your every need.

Our ranges are backed by a team of experienced people who design and deliver quality products for the Australian market. A large proportion of our products are backed by a 10 Year Product Warranty (see website) and all products have approvals and certifications which are supported by technical data within the website.

TRADER – Your New Passionate, Flexible, Partner