Hills Antennas by Bitek Pty Ltd

Hills Antennas by Bitek Pty Ltd

Hills Antenna & TV Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of television reception and distribution equipment, dedicated to providing high quality solutions for domestic and commercial receiving and distribution systems.

With a history of manufacturing antennas, amplifiers and associated equipment in Australia for over 50 years, Hills now offers a complete range of solutions for distributing video and data, including RF distribution, HDMI, fibre optics and IPTV.

With operations in each Australian mainland capital city and throughout New Zealand, the Antenna and TV Systems Division has all of the products and services needed to support free to air and subscription television reception and distribution requirements.

There are four groups of products offered by Hills Antenna & TV Systems:

TV Antennas

This category includes UHF, VHF & combined UHF/VHF TV antennas, masthead and distribution amplifiers, coaxial cable, antenna mounts and a full range of accessories for the reception of digital and analogue television.

Also included is a range of satellite antennas and equipment for reception of Pay TV and VAST TV via satellite.


We offer a full range of professional equipment for distribution of free to air TV, satellite TV (including Pay TV) and video and audio signals through Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) by RF, optical fibre or IPTV. This includes processors, modulators, amplifiers, filters and a full range of supporting accessories for any size of distribution network.

AV & Home Theatre

AV & Home Theatre includes equipment for distribution of HDMI around the home, as well as AV leads, TV mounts and associated equipment.


Devices for managing and reducing power costs in the home, including instantaneous wireless energy monitors, mains filters and surge protectors.