International Affiliation

IMELCO (International Marketing Electrical Corp) is the world’s largest consortium of independent electrical wholesalers with more than 1,200 associated wholesalers in 22 countries across Europe, Australia, Russia, the USA and Canada.  It is also larger than any multinational electrical wholesaler worldwide.

For more than 20 years, IMELCO has strived for the sustainable development and success of each of its members which in turn benefits the group as a whole.

IMELCO achieves this by facilitating the exchange of know-how and market data internationally and negotiating a common framework for terms and conditions with suppliers.  The goal being always to attain the best benefits for each single party involved.

Gemcell Electrical Group became a proud member of IMELCO in January 2010 and has forged strong relationships within the consortium.

As a member of IMELCO, Gemcell Electrical Group benefits by accessing essential and worthwhile support in a competitive market, allowing our members to keep pace with ongoing market developments and react effectively to rapid market changes.

What this means for customers of Gemcell members

The strength of IMELCO backing Gemcell Electrical Group means our independent members compete competitively with multinationals to:

  • deliver more value to their customers
  • support the local community and economy

IMELCO Corporate Film 2016